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Job seeker: Ke Soksan
Title of position: Sales and Marketing
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Telephone: 013 240 532, 090 8282 55
Address: Kampong Chhnang
Location: Others
Education: MBA

Dear Sir or Madam,

Currently, I am an Indirect Sales Executive of QB company that had implemented in Oudong Market Kg Speu, Kampong Chhnang and Pursat Province. And I have studied and conducted about marketing research, selling procedure, weekly and monthly sale planning, interviewed questionnaire, economic development for community and especially effective communication skills. Furthermore I have worked with Beeline Company to promote, persuade, introduce, motivate and supervise for selling process of company product and also to community for health project of Reproductive Health Association for Cambodia (RHAC) in Kampong Chhnang province by setting up village meeting, training Village Health Supporter Group and self reflected development by peer education. So I am able to realize the situation of selling process, supervise, communicate, promote and sell the product and service of the company to the customers that make the company gets lots of distribution. These qualify me as a productive employee in your company. Mostly, I am familiar with supervision and communication. I have a sense of communication with colleague, initiative, and creativity. I am available to start working at anytime.

My qualification seems to match your requirement well. I am confident that you will consider my request and invite me for interview at anytime. I am a hard-working person and a team player. I am a friendly person and I enjoy working with selling. I have knowledge and desire to work in your company.


If you contact me at 013 240 532 or 090 828 255 during the day or evening, I will make myself available at your convenience for an interview.


Thank you for your time and consideration. I am looking forward to meeting you.


Yours faithfully,


Ke Soksan

Created date: 2012-01-01
Uploaded cv: thumbnailCV..doc
Published: Yes
Approved: Yes
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