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Job seeker: Nurina Anuar
Title of position: Corporate Communications/ Public Relations
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Telephone: +97433471871
Location: Phnom Penh
Education: Degree

I have in total 14 years working experience in PR/ Corporate Communications in Europe, Asia and currently in the Middle East.

I am currently a PR Manager based in Doha, Qatar. However, I am moving to Phnom Penh in August 2013.


During my three and a half year tenure ship here in Doha,  I have build relationships with the local media, government agencies and hoteliers. I oversee all the in-house collateral such as posters, fliers, booklets, quarterly promotional booklet, website, facebook, twitter. 


Prior to Qatar, I did a short 5 months stint as Project Manager for a CSR Asia. My main task is to create awareness of the new CSR Asia office in Malaysia and to get the local businesses involved in CSR - Corporate Responsibility. I have also written few articles on CSR Asia website mainly on environmental issues focusing on Malaysia on issues such as the massive flash floods and the land slides which killed hundreds over the course of 10 years in Malaysia and impact it has on communities. 


And prior to CSR Asia I was attached to Telekom Malaysia International (TMI,currently Axiata Sdn Bhd) the investment arm of Telekom Malaysia. With TMI, I was involved in numerous regional branding and regional PR campaigns and one of it was in Phnom Penh for the re- branding campaigns and I travelled across the region for Press Conferences and Media Relations engagements liaising with international media such as CNN, Bloomberg and many more.


Before I pursue a new challenge at TMI, I was with AFS Malaysia (American Field Service) an international NGO dealing with Intercultural Understanding. My 4 years with AFS gave me an international exposure in working with people from various nationalities. I was in charge of PR, Advertising and Marketing and  a large part of the task is to handle a fund raising event for the organization. During my time there I was able to take part is a Staff Exchange Program to Bangkok, Thailand for 2 weeks and attended a conference in Budapest, Hungary. 

Since I have been based in Doha, Qatar for the past 4 years I have extensive experience liaising with the local and regional newspapers and magazines such as Time Out, TTG, TTW including In-Flight magazines from Qatar Airways, Malaysian Airlines, Gulf Air.

I will bring with me vast international experience working within various corporations and dealing with different cultures. I have a flair for writing and enjoy meeting people and events organizing. I speak fluent English, Malay, Finnish and have good knowledge of German and basic knowledge of Dutch and Spanish. 


Please find attached my cv for your perusal and please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further clarification.


Thank you for your time.

best regards,
Nurina Anuar

Created date: 2013-06-01
Uploaded cv: thumbnailCV Nurina Anuar 210512.pdf
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Approved: Yes
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